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- Our Story -

In 2019, after a 7 year hiatus, we opted to return to  our original passion. Drawing upon our 20 plus years of experience, we have come back to bring Barnegat a classic menu of Italian specialties, fine steaks, fresh seafood, and AMAZING thin crust brick oven pizza.

​This is our fourth restaurant, and by far the culmination of all those years of expertise.  We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing to town this new full service restaurant, which we have  designed to be a cozy destination to bring parties, family dinners, or just yourself.

Just remember, whatever your reason for coming,  bring your appetite as well as your love and appreciation for fine authentic Italian Specialties.

We're Back!

Head Chef

Matthew's Grandfather was from Salerno Italy and he has meticulously chosen the perfect menu, based on years of culinary experience and the old world tradition that his grandfather has passed down through the generations.  With this menu Matthew has successfully combined all  his years of culinary experience with a lifetime full of amazing family recipes to bring together a menu for all to enjoy.


He knows that those who love the Italian Classics along with Steaks and Seafood dishes will surely love what we have to offer! Plus, he's added some special touches including, Thin Crust Brick Oven Pizza, steaks, fresh seafood and of course there are even some old Family Recipes within these dishes! Shhh.

Matthew V.

East Bay Italian Grille


We are nestled in the historic downtown district of Barnegat, where we have put together a charming setting for family and friends to come and enjoy great food and good company.

We are confident that you will surely enjoy each item on our Menu, and invite you to explore the talent and expertise that our chef has to offer.

What Others Have Said

Debb Greco

Why We're Great >

Catered an amazing family gathering with East Bay on July 6th! Everyone (Italians with high expectations) absolutely loved the food! We will plan all our future gatherings with Matt. Fabulous food, service, and professionalism!

From Google

Why We're Great >

celebrated my son’s birthday. second time eating here this week. food is always amazing. love this place. never disappointed

From Facebook

Jaime S.

Why We're Great >

Tried this restaurant for dinner last night and was so happy we did. The place was really cute, food was great, and service was excellent. We will def be back soon!

From Yelp

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